St. Bernadette Worship Space

Gay and Lesbian Ministry

"Godů calls the church to minister to every man, woman and child with the pastoral solicitude of our compassionate Lord." (Vatican CDF letter, 1986)

"We address our message also to the wider church community, and especially to priests and other pastoral ministers, asking that our words be translated into attitudes and actions that follow the way of love, as Christ has taught. It is through the community of his faithful that Jesus offers you hope, help, and healing, so your whole family might continue to grow into the intimate community of life and love that God intends. "(Always Our Children, "Preface")

St. Bernadette Parish is committed to an attitude of welcome and inclusion of all people, including people who are gay or lesbian. We recognize that many gay and lesbian Catholics feel conflicted about their place and welcome in the church. While providing pastoral care in keeping with the church's teaching on chastity, we recognize this struggle. Our pastoral care is guided by church teaching and the belief that all who enter our doors are to be treated with dignity and respect. All of us are made in the image and likeness of God. All of us are created good. We walk with all people wherever they are on their journey and welcome each person as they are. We seek to bring all people closer to Christ and the church.

We believe as pastoral ministers that it is our role to be people of affirmation, compassion and reconciliation. Christ calls us to welcome all and to proclaim a gospel of love. Christ's love reaches out to all people in all places. We dedicate ourselves to providing spiritual and pastoral care for all people.

Reclaim: a pastoral program that provides a welcoming atmosphere for gay and lesbian people to understand and reflect on church teachings and to reflect on their lived experiences of being Catholic. The goal of this structured program is reintegration into the life of the church.
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Beginnings: an opportunity for parents to network and support one another. This is parent to parent support.

For more information or pastoral care call Pastoral Associate, Susan Yost, 410-969-2782