The Latin word sacramentum means "a sign of the sacred." The seven sacraments are moments when we encounter God's saving action in our lives. They are sacred, significant and important mysteries of our Christian faith. In the sacraments, the invisible power of God's merciful love strengthens our lives through the visible signs of his providential care.

Baby Baptism Ceremony

As you prepare for the sacraments, you may be asked to provide forms or certificates to the Church where the sacrament will take place. Please click the links to request any of the forms you may need.




We want to facilitate your reception of the sacraments in any way we can.  

More information about the preparation and requirements for each sacrament may be found on their related pages. Please e-mail our pastoral associate, Dan Miller,

or call (410)-969-2783 if you have additional questions.


1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist Preparation

Our sacramental preparation kick-off will take place on December 6th, candidates and their families are to attend mass at noon. Following Mass, parents will meet with Dan Miller, while candidates meet with Fr. Carrion. At least one parent, as well as the young person beginning preparation (candidate) are to attend this morning session.


As of now, all of our sessions will take place in the parish hall, gallery, and church. Based on the number of candidates, and their parents, we have ample space that would ensure social distancing. Mask will be required for all those in attendance.


Dates for Preparation

  • December 6th, 12pm Mass,1pm Parent Meeting w/pastoral associate, candidate's meeting w/Fr. Carrion

  • January 3rd, 10:30am -11:45 followed by noon mass: Candidate session, at least one parent must attend

  • February 7th, 10:30am -11:45 followed by noon mass: Candidate session, at least one parent must attend

  • March 7th,10:30am -11:45 followed by noon mass: Candidate session, at least one parent must attend

  • Reconciliation: Young people will receive the sacrament throughout the month of March during one of the several opportunities when the sacrament is offered. They will email the pastoral associate Dan Miller, with the date and time the child will receive the sacrament.

  • 1st Communion: Specific dates for 1st Communion will be determined at a later date; however, families can anticipate these masses taking place throughout the months of April and May.


If you have any questions regarding preparation, please contact the parish's pastoral associate, Dan Miller.