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Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
Religious Education

Beginning this year, St. Bernadette parish will be changing the previous model for Kindergarten through fifth grade religious education. The new model will focus on integrating our young people into the overall life of the parish; rather than, simply focusing on catechesis that takes place one hour each Sunday, during the school's calendar year.

On September 29th, 2021, Fr. Austin Murphy and Deacon Dan Miller hosted an information session for the new religious education model. Please take a moment to view this video if you have questions regarding religious education.

For more information regarding the new model of religious education, please contact Deacon Dan Miller. Please know that registration for religious education is now open an can be accessed by clicking here.

To see an outline of the new model, please click here.

To see upcoming "Passport" activities adjusted to our current COVID surge, please click here.

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