Prayers for those Who Are Ill

"All were constantly devoting themselves to prayer" Acts 1:14

Sharon Bagnall, Linda Bartek, John Benevides, Linda Blain, Dee Bisognano, Irene Bolden,

William Boylan, Allan Brett, Ursula Brett, McKenzie Bryant, Laura Buchanan, Robert Chapman,

The Collins Family, Elaine “Woody” Crow, Chi Du, Bettye Dulany, Cindy & Jeff Dunn,

Andrew Fabian, Richard Fifer, Dave Foote, Joan Fowler, Christine Franz, Mark N Ham,

Blair Nicole Harris, Mary Jane Hart, Dolores Henselder, Cindy Hileman, Phyllis Hilton, JT Hogan,  Brian Hug, Sean Kalinowski, Sue Kopec, Nick LaBrie, Denise LeBrun, Sue Lindsey, Andrew Lowan, Joseph Martin, John Miller, Patricia Mitchell, Eileen Neff, Eileen Nerf, Barbara Ogden, Steven Perron, Deacon Chris Pinto, Joseph Pleyo, Carol Potrzuski, Bernie Quarrick, Elizabeth Raftovich,

Barbara Reed, Gloria Roberts, Jim Roberts, Paige Robertson, Shirley Rowe, Joan Ruck,

Shannon McMorrow Sanphilipo, John Schuerger Sr., Brian Sholl, Gina Smouse, Sylvia Spangle,

Lou Sphan, Wally Staflin and Family, Sheila Swierczewski, Eileen Thompson, Pat Thompson,

Daniel Tyler, Terry Williams, Jaci Van Winter, Bill Verzi, Bob Vetters, Dennis Violett, Larry Walkley, Lucinda Welenc, Taylor Woodward, Debbie Zabetakis, Mary Zabetakis, Tom Zabetakis Jr.


Pray for those in the Armed Services, Emergency Personnel, and Volunteer Workers:

SSgt. J. Demond Hogan; Sgt. Ryan Leary; Lt. Robert Van Winters and Christine Epps.

Prayer Requests: Send intentions and prayer request to the parish office by clicking here.

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