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Prayers for those Who Are Ill

"All were constantly devoting themselves to prayer" Acts 1:14

Anthony Abramczyk, John Benevides, Jennifer Boyd, Elaine Brady, Laura Buchanan, Debbie Calvin, 

Elaine “Woody” Crow,

Keith Decker, Chi Du, Werner Ender, Richard Fifer, Susan Fisher, Bill Fowler, Shelly Fusi, 

Shiela Gilkeson, Bruce Goodwin, Houston Greenway, Nancy Gribbin, Phyllis Hilton, Erica Kawala, Neal Kerley, John Kovarik, Shawn Kurtz,

Mary Long, Andrew Lowman, Eileen Neff,  Eileen Nerf, Marie Marcinick, Vincent Marshall, Brad Melocik, Claire Minerick,   Frank Mitchell, Caren Moore, Doug Phelps, Kelly Quaster,  Elizabeth Raftovich,                   Dr. Alan Richey, Gloria Roberts, Jim Roberts, Pat Roeder, Aaron Rogers,  Sr. Sally Russell,  Michael Schuerger Sr., Gary Schulty, Peg Schultz, Gina Smouse, Michelle Spangle, Barbara Sutton, Kevin Toohey, Daniel Tyler, Helen Uhlhorn, Jane Wahba, Larry Walkley, Patricia Walsh, Clifton Walterhoefer, Gary Webb, Lucinda Welenc, Dan Werner, Maryanne Wiegel, Judy Wierzbowski, Rick Wisniewski, Marie White, Rosemary White, Mary Zabetakis

Pray for those in the Armed Services, Emergency Personnel, and Volunteer Workers

Colt Constantino, Maj. AJ Gerdes, SSgt. J. Demond Hogan; Sgt. Ryan Leary; Lt. Robert Van Winters and Christine Epps.

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