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"He [Christ] abides with that, just as He loved the Church and handed Himself over on her behalf, the two may love each other with perpetual fidelity

through mutual self-bestowal" Gaudium et Spes (The Church in the Modern World)


Congratulations on your engagement! We are delighted to help you and your spouse prepare for and celebrate your life together, as husband and wife. Please keep in mind the following when preparing for your wedding at St. Bernadette's:

  • First Thing - Contact the church. We are happy to walk you and your spouse through the wedding preparation process.​

  • Don't Book the Reception Venue Just Yet - A church's schedule can be just as busy, if not more, than a reception hall. We ask that couples refrain from booking the reception hall until they've made arrangements with the church. Booking a wedding officiant, as well as the church, can take some coordinating.

  • Want a wedding venue OUTSIDE of a church? - It's possible! The Archdioceses of Baltimore permits outside weddings; however, an official request for specific venues still needs to be submitted to the chancery. For questions regarding outside wedding venues, please contact the parish by clicking here.  

  • Plan For (at least) 6 Months of Wedding Preparation - Wedding preparation can take time, and ideally it should - this is an important time in your life as a couple! We ask that couples contact the parish at least six months prior to their potential wedding date. This allows necessary time to complete important paperwork, to think about your wedding liturgy, to pray together as a couple, and to participate in the marriage preparation option that best fits your needs as a couple. If you have exceptional circumstances (military deployment, terminal illness, etc.), please contact us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to accelerate the process.

  • Were you married outside of the Church (in the courthouse or in another denomination) and would like your marriage validated? We can help! Validating a marriage can be easier than most couples realize. Furthermore, having your marriage validated by the church offers the couple the opportunity to serve as godparents in the future. For more information contact the parish. 

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